ACA-Accredited Camp Certificates Mailed!

Congratulations to the 2,400+ ACA-accredited camps! In late January, accreditation certificates were mailed to all currently accredited camps. These certificates were mailed to the primary address for the camp, and if your camp is accredited, you should have received your certificate by now. Please contact ACA at if you have not yet received your certificate. 

Included in mailing was the 2014 Annual Statement of Compliance. All accredited camps are required to submit this document on an annual basis. It is requested this document be completed no later than June 1, 2014. If you have misplaced the document that was included in your mailing, you are encouraged to complete the 2014 Statement of Compliance online at:

You work hard to earn and maintain your accreditation! Make sure to share this news with the public. Repetition aids understanding. Create the impression that you value what is represented by the accreditation certificate as well as the accredited camp metal sign.  Post the certificate in a place where parents and others can easily view. Make sure you have an accredited camp metal sign at your entrance as well as by your office door. To order an additional metal sign, complete the online form found at: