Accreditation Congratulations and Statement of Compliance Reminder

Congratulations to the 830 camps that successfully completed the ACA accreditation process this summer with 78 of these camps going through this process for the first time! ACA accreditation takes time and dedication yet it is one way to show the public a camp's commitment to health, safety and risk management. Proudly display your ACA accreditation with these marketing resources

Also - as a reminder, all camps accredited prior to this season must submit the 2014 Annual Statement of Compliance— your affirmation of your camp's compliance with laws and regulations, and ACA standards and ethics. Besides being a requirement for camps to maintain their ACA accreditation, submitting the Annual Statement of Compliance is additional evidence of your commitment to providing quality camp experiences for your campers and staff. 

For your convenience, you may fill out the form online at our Web site at When this document is completed online, you immediately receive a "confirmation of receipt" e-mail to maintain for your files.

You will need your e-mail address and your password (if you have forgotten your password, you are given the opportunity to request it be sent to you via e-mail). Please have the person responsible for the operation of each camp in the ACA-accreditation program submit this form immediately.