Annual Statement of Compliance

A critical part of maintaining ACA accreditation is reading and signing the Annual Statement of Compliance — your affirmation of your camp's compliance with laws and regulations, and ACA standards and ethics. Besides being a requirement for camps to maintain their ACA accreditation, the Statement of Compliance is additional evidence of your commitment to providing quality camp experiences for your campers and staff. It is our goal to obtain a signed Annual Statement of Compliance from ALL currently accredited camps.
For your convenience, you may fill out the form online at our Web site at
You will need your user name (individual ACA member number) and your password (if you have forgotten your password, you are given the opportunity to request it be sent to you via e-mail). In order to complete this document online, the individual must be an ACA member associated with the camp. 
In an effort to collect this critical document (required to maintain a camp’s accreditation), we are including a reminder in your camp renewal notice.