Celebrating 150 Years of Camp

2011 marks the 150th anniversary of camp. In 1861, the Gunnery Camp was founded by Frederick W. Gunn and his wife Abigail. ACA encourages every member of the camp community to join us in celebrating this momentous anniversary and to take advantage of these opportunities:


Experience 150 Years of Camp Online

Visit ACA's history page today and explore our interactive timeline, videos, historical photos, resources, and more. You can share your camp stories on the Story Board, or contribute and view historical photos in the Photo Gallery. Celebrate our history!


Moments in Camp History

Throughout the 150-year history of camp, there have been moments of great innovation, groundbreaking policy implementation, and — yes — fun! This year, we will be celebrating the moments that have made camp what it is today. Every Wednesday, we will update our Moments in Camp History page and post bite-sized facts on Facebook and Twitter to feed your knowledge of camp history!

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