Does Your Camp Develop Global Citizens? Help Us Prove It!

ACA camps are invited to participate in the International Camping Fellowship (ICF) Global Citizenship Study for 2012 to help provide proof to stakeholders, parents, and children around the world that the camp experience helps develop global citizens!

Today’s youth live in a complex and rapidly changing global landscape. Although social and electronic media has fostered connectivity, ideological and cultural tensions still threaten the efforts of peace and social harmony. Many nations actively promote citizenship education to develop an inclusive, tolerant, and participatory worldview.

Encouraging youth to become active and contributing members of society is critical to the promotion of citizenship in a global sense. Global citizenship focuses on outcomes like problem-solving, teamwork, and exploration. The unique social and curricular setting of camp is well-suited to the development of global citizens, as the lessons learned through camp experiences have the capacity to transcend cultural and national boundaries.

To join other camps from around the world (including Australia, Canada, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, Greece, Mongolia, Russia, Turkey, and Venezuela) in this important study, contact Deb Bialeschki ( or Stephen Fine (

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My son really enjoys going to

My son really enjoys going to your camp. I remember when we spent most of our time in the hospital room, wasting time by flipping through the medical chart dividers during his treatments. He always felt different because of his illness. And once he went to one of your camps, his attitude totally changed. He is more outgoing and has a whole new outlook on life. We are very greatful for your camps!