Urgent Edelrid Connecto and Swivel Update

April 11, 2014

ACA is aware that on April 11, 2014, Fred Potts, Edelrid customer service manager, sent out the following message:

This notification is to make you aware of an issue related to all Conecto, Conecto Small, and Conecto Swivel. This notification is being issued because Edelrid discovered that many users were not conforming to basic policies. Some users were not completing a yearly inspection (including torque testing), some damaged bolts were not replaced, and some bolts had been replaced with bolts that did not have the required strength.

Edelrid is requiring all owners of any of these products to replace the present silver colored bolts with Edelrid’s new black bolts. Further, Edelrid is requiring users to perform an inspection of these bolts after twenty hours of use and annually there after. You are reminded to check the bolts using the proper torque.

Here you will find information on the warning, pictures of products where the affected Conectos could be used, and a Request Form to send to Edelrid to get your bolts replaced. You will also see a page of FAQs that should help you if you have any questions.

If you have any questions or concerns that the FAQs didn’t answer you can contact Edelrid directly.

Thank you in advance for cooperating on this matter.