Free Preview of Entry-Level Program Staff Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ) Now Available!

Did you know there is a new staff training certificate course for entry-level program staff? Are you curious about the content covered? Beginning today, you can preview the content for the online entry-level program staff certificate course by logging in as a guest to ACA’s online Learning Center. Here’s how to do it:
  • Begin at the home page listing all of our online courses by clicking the Learning Center link above. 
  • From this page select “Certificates of Added Qualifications (CAQ).”
  • Go to “Entry Level Program Staff CAQ.” You are now in the certificate course and can choose the level you wish to review (Level 1 assumes no experience; Level 2 is built on Level 1 and/or some experience).
  • Once you select the Level, you will see a login page. Choose the button at the bottom that says “Login as a Guest.” Enter:  “ACAguest” and you will be granted access. This guest access code (ACAguest) is the same for Level 1 and 2 and works only with this Entry-Level Program Staff CAQ. As a guest you have read-only access, meaning you cannot leave any posts or otherwise participate in the course. 


This offer allows you access for five days, but only if you log in between now and February 28, 2011. 
For more information about the Entry-Level Program Staff Certificate course, visit the Certificate of Added Qualification site.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kim Brosnan ( or Deb Bialeschki ( Remember, investing in quality staff development is investing in quality camp experiences!