Camper Wins First Lady’s “Healthy Lunchtime Challenge”

In 2012, camper Madeleine Steppel was announced as a winner of First Lady Michele Obama’s “Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.”

The challenge encouraged kids ages eight through twelve to submit healthy lunchtime recipes, and winners were chosen from each state, several U.S. territories, and Washington, DC.

The winners of the contest were given a trip to Washington, DC, and the opportunity to attend a Kids’ “State Dinner”, where a selection of the winning healthy recipes were served.

Madeleine attended Camp Louise in Cascade, Maryland. After the announcement that Madeleine was one of the winners of the challenge, Camp Louise arranged for her to help prepare her winning recipes — fish chowder and citrus salad with strawberries and craisins — for the entire camp to enjoy (see photo above).

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