Important Information for ALL Accredited Camps!

January 31, 2011

They’re HERE!

The Accreditation Process Guide (APG) 2012 Edition was released in late September, and camps
being visited in 2012 (and beyond) will be following these standards for the purposes of accreditation. All currently accredited camps (and standards visitors) will be receiving a printed copy of the APG 2012 from their local office. For camps, this will be sent the fall/winter prior to your next anticipated visit.

They’re ONLINE!

In the meantime, any fee paying camp can access the standards online at:! When you visit this site for the first time, take the sixteen minute tutorial, which provides information specific to this site. Once you have completed the tutorial, you have the opportunity to:

  • Customize a set of standards based on the programming and modes of the user’s camp.
  • Sort/filter the standards by pre-determined areas (example: Filter to see only mandatory standards, etc.).
  • Upload camp documents to the site (up to three per standard).
  • Generate custom reports showing only standards applicable to the user’s camp.
  • Generate custom checklist.

Make sure to check out this great new resource!

Accreditation Certificates

All currently accredited camps will be mailed their 2012 Accreditation Certificate via snail mail in
February. If you have not received this certificate by March 15, please contact ACA at Included in the mailing with the certificate is also a copy of the 2012
Statement of Compliance. This document must be signed and submitted in order to maintain

Mandatory Standards, 2012 Edition

As indicated in the 2012 Annual Statement of Compliance, a currently accredited camp must meet all current, applicable mandatory standards. The 2012 revised standards include some revisions to mandatory standards. A copy of all of the current mandatory standards is now available at: