Meet ACA's Newly Trained Standards Instructors

THANK YOU and congratulations to the 18 newly trained Standards Instructors!  In early December,  18 individuals and two trainers braved the cold (the low temperature for the training was -16 and the high was 13 – as we were departing) and snow to attend a New Standards Instructor Training held at The Nature Place, west of Colorado Springs, CO. 

Many thanks to all of these individuals for making the time to attend the three day training and spending the time to prep prior to the course.  We also appreciate the time they will dedicate to ACA as they instruct the various standards courses in the future. 

Trainers for the course were Judith Bevan (ACA Southeastern) and Dave Silverstein (ACA New York/New Jersey).

Participants included:

Danita Ballantyne (New England)
Marissa Bennett (Oregon Trail)
David  Brizius (Ohio)
Donald Brown (Southwest)
Willard Burks (Oregon Trail)
Leslie Conrad  (Southeastern)
Marty Collett (New York/New Jersey)
Jenny Delaney (Northland)
Traci Kipnes (Southwest)
Colette Marquardt (Illinois)
Bill Morgan (Chesapeake)
Jody Oates (Ohio)
Becky Passman  (Michigan)
Scott Ringskamp (Keystone Regional)
Jim Sexstone (Ohio)
Josh Sweat (Southeastern)
Peter Trupia (New York/New Jersey)
Karen “Cal” Wright (Southwest)

Again, CONGRATULATIONS and many thanks!