Participate in the National Disability-Specific Camp Study

Greetings from Bradford Woods Outdoor Center in Indiana!

I am writing to inform you of an opportunity for your camp to participate in a study designed specifically for youth with disabilities. The National Disability-Specific Camp Study is being conducted during the summer of 2013 by faculty and staff from Indiana University, Kent State University, and Bradford Woods Outdoor Center in collaboration with the American Camp Association Research Division. The purpose of this study is to measure the impact residential camp experiences have on the psychosocial needs of campers with disabilities. For instance, we will be examining the changes in feelings of support, social acceptance, and friendship development at the end of camp and 8-12 weeks post camp. The study has been designed to have minimal impact on your time as well as campers' while maximizing the collection of important data on the possible impact these camps are making. Several pilot studies have been completed at Bradford Woods since 2007 in anticipation of this study. If you are interested in being a part of this study and learning how it could benefit your camp please visit

Thank you for your consideration of participation!

Shay Dawson MA,CTRS
Director, Bradford Woods

Photo courtesy of Bradford Woods, Martinsville, Indiana