NSC Chair Announcement

February 5, 2013

Dear ACA Members,

Jude BevanI am very excited to share the selection of the future chair of the National Standards Commission (NSC). While we will greatly miss and are thankful for the strong leadership of the current chair, Kathy Trotter, we are excited to welcome the incoming chair, Judith (Jude) Bevan. 

Kathy has served as the chair of NSC since 2006 and has overseen the revisions/reformatting of the ACA standards — not once, but twice! She has also helped move NSC to the overseeing and forward-thinking group it is today. Her experience and leadership have been invaluable and will be missed.

Jude is very familiar with the ACA Standards Program. She served in the past as a standards chair and is currently an instructor trainer. In addition to Jude’s knowledge of standards, she is very familiar with ACA. She served on ACA’s Education and Accreditation Task Force; was the recent chair of the Task Force on the Local Council of Leaders; is the current chair of the Local Council of Leaders of ACA, Southeastern; and has been instrumental in providing leadership to the National Council of Leaders. 

Both Kathy and Judith are 2013 National Honor Award recipients.

A transition plan includes the following key components for 2013:

  • Current chair will share information with incoming chair
  • Current and incoming chairs will identify and prioritize tasks
  • Incoming chair will join any NSC conference calls/meetings held
  • Incoming chair will be included in any decisions made impacting NSC
  • September 1, 2013: formal transition of chairs

Please join us in saying THANK YOU to Kathy and WELCOME to Jude!