Staff Training Resources

Who Will Care When I'm Not There? (2nd Edition)
Help staff know their critical responsibility for the children in their care.




Crisis Communications Weathering the Storm: A Handbook for Camps and Other Youth Programs
Marla Coleman and Jessica Coleman
Yes, this is about communicating in a time of crisis – planning and execution. But it’s also about how to train your staff. Be sure to check out the amazing staff training outline in the appendix.


Volunteer Development 101: Empowering Organizations to Work With Volunteers
Barry Garst, PhD





Camp Is for the Camper
Connie Coutellier
Best seller! Also see the online course.





Staff Training 2014: Camping Magazine
Limited quantities are still available of Camping Magazine’s most popular issue with brand new staff training content from the experts. You can have the best staff trainers at your camp!




Day Camps from Day One: A Hands-On Guide for Day Camp Administration
Connie Coutellier
Staff training and more.



Training Terrific Staff! Volume 1: A Handbook of Practical and Creative Tools for Camp
Michael Brandwein




Training Terrific Staff! Volume 2: More Great Tools for Outstanding Staff Development
Michael Brandwein




A Teachable Moment: A Facilitator's Guide to Activities for Processing, Debriefing, Reviewing, and Reflection
Cain, Cummings, Stanchfield



Essential Staff Training Activities
Cain, Hannon, Knobble




CIT Programs


Developing a Counselor-in-Training Program for Camps
Furie, Nicastro, Saslove




Counselor-in-Training: Encouraging Youth Development Outcomes at Camp
Bird, Coutellier, Borba, Dixon, Horowitz