ACA Wins ASAE Summit Award

For the second time in the past year, ACA's efforts in achieving credibility, visibility, and viability have been nationally recognized. In August of 2011, ACA was awarded the Prudential Leadership Award for Outstanding Nonprofit Boards from BoardSource. Now, ACA’s Healthy Camp Study has received the Summit Award from the Center for Association Leadership (ASAE) — which symbolizes the very best efforts engineered by associations across the country in areas like public education and information, economic development, business and social innovation, skills training and development, and civic and community volunteer activities. With receipt of this award, ACA’s Healthy Camp Study has been honored as one of the most innovative community-based programs in the country!

The Healthy Camp Study was a five-year surveillance project funded by Markel Insurance to benchmark camp-related injury and illness in U.S. camps. Over 200 day and resident camps were involved in this project — the most comprehensive study of camper and staff injury and illness ever conducted. The results of this study were summarized in the Healthy Camp Study Impact Report. Importantly, this study informed strategies for injury and illness prevention in camps — now available to all camps in the Healthy Camp Toolbox at

This study was also the impetus for the Healthy Camp Education and Monitoring Program (2011–2014), which is exploring the intersections of technology, camp health care, and professional development. New professional development opportunities for camp directors, camp health care providers, and staff have been developed, and new resources are available to camps and other youth program providers through this project.

Watch the video below to learn more!


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