Take Camp Skills to School

Message to Parents from CEO Peg Smith

It's back to school season for many campers — what skills did they learn at camp that they can use in school? In this video, Peg Smith discusses the "Three Cs" learned at camp — Confidence, Curiosity, and Character — that parents can help keep alive in their children during the school year.

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I think those three C's are

I think those three C's are great for any student to learn. I'm glad you are teaching them at your camp. I think if more students learned to utilize these skills effectively, the classroom would be a much more enjoyable environment for everyone involved. I think the most crucial of the three C's is character. Regardless of the level of education you are pursuing be it primary school or graduate school and despite the specific path you have chosen like a criminal justice degree or marketing degree. Even if you are in the workforce, these three skills are great assets for everyone to have.