Not-For-Profit Council

Join us at the Not for Profit Council Lunch and Program being held at the National Conference in New Orleans!

When: Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Time: 12:00 - 1:15 pm

Cost: $40/person.  Register through ACA.

An update will be given about Phase 1 of the ACA Youth Outcomes norming project (by Jim Sibthorp, Troy Bennett, and Deb Bialeschki) conducted during Summer 2014.  At their 2014 NFP Council lunch/meeting , the NFP Council agreed to support this project which will  create national comparison benchmarks (norms) for the detailed version of the ACA Youth Outcomes Battery (YOB). The update will provide on an overview of process to date (data collection, etc.). The research team will also provide details for the second phase of this project (scheduled for summer 2015) and why this project is important for all camps.

Currently, the Not-For-Profit Council is organized to:

  • Facilitate communication among the not-for-profit membership of the American Camp Association
  • Serve as a vehicle for discussion of not-for-profit camp issues
  • Provide opportunities for development of leadership within the not-for-profit camp community
  • Provide support to the mission of the American Camp Association

Membership in the Not-For-Profit Council is open to any member of the American Camp Association with not-for-profit affiliation who is willing to pay dues. Join ACA online!

Benefits of Membership

  • National not-for-profit camp voice and network
  • Identification of and research on current trends

  • Low cost
  • Professional development in not-for-profit issues
  • Grant resources
  • Legislative and policy advocacy network
  • Professional development in volunteer management

  • Connectedness

Purpose of Not-for-Profit Council

  • Provide networking opportunities that facilitate communication among not-for-profit members of the ACA
  • Provide a format to engage not-for-profit members in discussions that identify critical trends and issues relating to the industry
  • Provide a platform to investigate and launch new initiatives to meet the key challenges of ACA not-for-profit camps and their members
  • Provide support for the work and mission of camp, in particular the not-for-profit sector, through the development of tools and resources.