Health and Wellness

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What is it?

Our goals are to promote and position the value of the camp experience in supporting healthy lifestyles, fitness and lifelong healthy decision-making, while establishing relationships with organizations doing similar work and with a similar mission.

How to get involved

We are actively looking for committee members from the Camp Community at levels to be part of this dynamic and innovative committee.  The committee is also looking for representatives from the nutrition, nursing, physical education public health and research industries.  If interested, please contact Vicky Flaig, MEd, RD at 916-734-4230 or for more information.

What to look forward to? 

Upcoming webinars and health events that highlight health and wellness topics that resonate with Camp professionals.

But what about now

Below is a list of resources to assist Camp Directors, Food Service Staff, Camp staff and campers to lead a healthy lifestyle, aid in healthy food choices, deal with food allergies and answer those burning health related questions.  Be sure to check back because resources are updated regularly.


Allergies - Nutrition - Food Safety - Garden/Food - Fitness - Other


  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
    This website can help you find a registered dietitian in your area to assist with meal planning and special diets.  It is also a comprehensive website for nutrition, food safety, food allergies, diabetes, and food intolerances.
  • The Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)
  • Managing food allergies in camp
  • Guidelines (.pdf)
  • How to read a label for allergies (.pdf)
  • Emergency Plan (.pdf)


  • USDA Center for Nutritional Policy & Promotion
    This website will link you to, Food-a-pedia, and Dietary Guidelines.  All excellent resources for menu planning.
  • Dairy Council of California

Food Safety:


  • The California School Garden Network -
    Comprehensive website on creating a community garden at your camp.  Everything from how to make a garden bed to lesson plans to promotion.  CSGN is a project of the Western Growers Foundation. CSGN partner organizations represent a variety of state agencies, private companies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations all dedicated to the mission of creating and sustaining gardens in every willing school in California. The Network serves as a central organization to distribute school garden information, resources and support throughout the state.
  • Local Harvest –
    Use the website to find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.
  • The Non GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Project -


Other Tools and Resources on a variety of healthy living topics.

  • Center for Disease Control (ACA Educational Ally)
  • Association of Camp Nurses (ACA Educational Ally)
    Resources for health centers, camp nursing protocols and job postings.
  • How to accommodate Special Diets in Camp Setting (.pdf)
  • Epi Pen FAQ (.pdf)

updated 11/25/14