Northland Leadership

On October 18, 2011 the former board of directors and a few of our other ACA members meet to determine our goals for the year and to set up the structure of the new Local Council of Leaders (LCOL).

We had a very productive, energetic workday. We determined three goals to begin our move forward are:

1) Develop the LCOL structure
2) Review and update our communication with our members
3) update and engage our current membership on LCOL activities

The beginning of our new LCOL structure is as follows:

LCOL Chair

Pam Wurster

LCOL Vice-Chair

Laura Nolan

Standards Committee

(Chair) Marie Schmid

Bob Gagner

Bill Jones

Liz Mayer

Alli Faricy

Professional Development

(Chair) Position Open


(Chair) Position Open

NCOL Representatives

Pam Wurster

Barb Cage


We are now looking for committee members, a Membership Chair, and Professional Development Chair. Please visit for additional information.