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ACA's online courses and webinars provide self-directed and learning experiences designed for camp and youth development professionals, from directors and administrators to program managers and frontline staff. Our online courses and webinars are ideal for program providers working in camps, afterschool programs, parks and recreation programs, and other summer learning and out-of-school time settings. Certificates of completion and ACA continuing education credits (CECs) are available for all courses and webinars.

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Related ACA Standards

Here is a list of our online courses and recorded webinars and related ACA standards for camp accreditation.  This list shows the “related” ACA standards that would be addressed during the course/webinar.  Completing the course/webinar does not in itself “meet” the ACA standard listed, however, by completing the course, the learner may be introduced to topics that will help meet the standard or gain knowledge as to how they might meet the specific standard. This list will be updated quarterly. 

Online Courses and Webinars Endorsed by ACA

ACA online courses and webinars have been aligned with ACA educational endorsement requirements. ACA’s Educational Endorsement Program is a platform to connect learners to educational opportunities. Learners can access quality education from a variety of organizations, associations, and businesses, and can be assured that these offerings have been vetted to meet ACA Educational Endorsement Program requirements. 

Online Courses and Webinars from ACA Business Affiliates

Link to the ACA Buyers Guide to view online courses and webinars available through ACA Business Affiliates.  Choose  "Education - Online" from the category list.  These educational programs are not endorsed by ACA. 

ACA Subject Matter Experts

ACA subject matter experts develop online courses, facilitate live webinars, and help ensure the quality of the educational content. Meet the experts.