ACA, Oregon Trail Fall Education Event

Are you a youth development professional interested in educational opportunities, professional growth, and participating in a community of professionals dedicated to providing children with the best possible experience - then this event is for you!


 Oregon Trail Fall Education Event
November 8-9, 2012
YMCA Camp Collins
Gresham, OR

Featured Speaker
Bob Ditter

Bob Ditter, child, adolescent and family therapist our featured speaker is presenting new ways to hire the best staff for your organization.

Using research from the summer of 2012 Bob will present the most recent tools for selecting the best-performing staff possible. Beginning with a highly refined, carefully developed Interview, Bob will show us how an effective interview is more than merely asking good questions. Bob will teach us the "5-minute drill," how to "Join" with the Candidate, the "Set-Up" and the proven best interview questions for predicting future performance. Bob is planning a Skype® Interview to demonstrate these techniques. Finally, Bob will also share his newest tools for selecting and filtering out higher performing staff candidates-his "Grit" and "Self-Regulation" scales. These are truly cutting edge tests for selecting high performing staff.

Bob Ditter is a well regarded child, adolescent and family therapist from Boston, Massachusetts. He is a nationally recognized trainer and consultant and works with organizations that work with young people. His clients have included Sea World, the Disney Channel, the Salvation Army, Girls Scouts of America, YMCA, American Camp Association, Jewish Community Centers, Camp Fire USA, Children's Oncology Camps of America, the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, private and public schools and others. He has appeared on the "ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings," "Good Morning America" and twice on NBC's "The Today Show." He has been quoted in The New York Times, Parent Magazine, the Ladies Home Journal, Money Magazine and USA Today. Sports Illustrated called him "...camping's most articulate spokesman" because of his work with children's summer camps since 1982. He has visited over 600 summer camps in the United States and has authored four books for camp professionals and 14 brand new training DVDs. He is best known in camp circles as the author of the popular column, "In the Trenches," which has appeared regularly in Camping Magazine since 1987.

For more information about Bob Ditter and his numerous contributions to the camp community visit or follow his online advice column In the Trenches.


The ACA, Oregon Trail Fall Education Event - Program Includes speakers, workshops, networking time. ACA, Associate Visitor Course will be held November 6-8, and a Standards Course will be provided on November 9 Cost is $120/person and includes all educational sessions, lodging, and meals.

Bring a group of staff from your organization to receive a discounted rate to ACA Southern California's Spring Leadership Conference.