Teach For America

The American Camp Association and Teach For America are excited to be working together to bring more outstanding leaders, like yourself, to communities across the country in the effort to close the achievement gap by providing intensive training, support and career development.  Learn More.

“If your summer working at camp was anything like mine, you know what it feels like to impact a terrific group of kids. Teaching with Teach For America amplified that experience— rather than one summer with my kids, I had the opportunity to be their teacher for an entire school year. To have that impact-- particularly for a group of students that deserve committed allies and advocates-- is an unspeakable privilege and one that I hope you take on for yourself too. In a nation where 13 million students growing up in poverty receive a sub-standard education, who better to be those advocates than those of us who already know what it feels like to have a group of kids become a part of your life.”
- Garrett Bucks
Camp Asbury, Hiram Ohio (2001-2002)

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