Conservation Generation

“We do not inherit the earth from our parents we borrow it from our children.”

Conservation Generation is on a mission to deliver a coordinated action and culture of environmental stewardship by integrating a multi-disciplinary and multi-generational approach to educating and empowering both youth and adults to appreciate and understand the value of our natural resources.

The innovative program employs the power  of positive social messaging coupled with  excellent education materials which can be utilized and implemented throughout camps and schools year-round to educate, motivate, and reward our youth for becoming environmental stewards and water conservation gurus within their camp and school communities.

Camp is an amazing force for change. It is a springboard for changing attitudes and perceptions in a fun filled environment teaching our children to value the Environment.

That’s why we at Conservation Generation are launching our award winning  program in the USA starting at camp this summer!

Blue Star CampsConservation Generation is proud to ally itself with the American Camp Association (ACA) in pioneering our program with Camp Blue Star.

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