SNAG® (Starting New at Golf)

The American Camp Association is proud to partner with SNAG®.  SNAG® teaches youth the basic of golf in a way that's both simple and FUN!

Over the past 10 years, SNAG® ('Starting New At Golf') has built the premier first-touch learning system recognized by industry leaders around the world as the superior method to teach golf fundamentals in a fun and easy way to people of all ages and ability levels. SNAG® Golf incorporates developmentally appropriate equipment that allows you to teach golf fundamentals just about anywhere- on a recreation field, in a gym, on the beach, or in just about any other indoor or outdoor recreation spaces at your camp.  With SNAG®, you don't need a golf course AND you can teach youth of ALL abilities the fun they can have with golf.  

Through this SNAG® partnership, 5% of all sales of SNAG® equipment to ACA camps will go towards ACA's programs.

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