ACA Newsletter Sponsorships

Available Newsletter Sponsorship Opportunities

ACA Now, ACA’s electronic member newsletter that is emailed every Tuesday to over 14,500 members/subscribers. $150 per issue. Banner size is 150x150.

Counselor Now, ACA’s electronic newsletter that is emailed to over 5,500 front line staff the first Wednesday of each month.  During the summer months we will send every week.  $100 per issue.  Banner size 150 x 150.

Year Round Jobs @Camp, ACA’s open job notification email sent to 43,000 job seekers twice a month.  $300 per issue or $500 for the month.  Banner size is 200x200.  View a sample

CampLine.  ACA's newsletter, providing camp-specific knowledge on legal, legislative, and risk management issues. The CampLine is published 3 times a year, February, May, and October.  $1,500 per issue or all three for $3,000. Banner size is 250 x 100. 

Camp e-News.  ACA's electronic newsletter to 2,000+ parents and families on packing tips, how to choose a camp, homesickness, etc.  Tips on helping their child have the best camp experience while away from hom.  Sent only in January, March, May, and Nov. on the 15th.  Cost is $200 per issue.  Logo only banner size is 150x50.  Horizontal banner - ad content - banner 500x60 (will be located at the bottom of the newsletter).

Contact Kim Bruno to reserve your sponsorship.  765-349-3309,