VR Quest

VR QuestACA is now partnering with VR Quest, which  is fully-immersive , real interaction, team based, Virtual Reality game design constructed by campers. Kids build their own VR game and interact in their creation using head-mounted displays. It enriches childrens’ lives by offering computer and real-life skill instruction delivered through a comprehensive curriculum in the core subject areas of science, math, and social studies. They learn computer skills, problem solving, critical thinking, 3D Game Design and can play their games on their home computer.  Ten percent of the profits from the sale of the program will go to the American Camp Association ® to provide summer camp scholarships to kids in need.

Campers will interact with each other creating a VR world.  This real interaction will prodive team building skills by each camper depending on each other to accomplish a common goal. 

Watch this news clip to see how it is working in schools and what affects it is having on the students.  http://www.youtube.com/embed/QJtAwGVR4GM

Visit www.vrquest.com for more information.