Help Your Campers Be Ready for College!

Help your campers build on the impact of their camp experiences for their FUTURE! Link your 13–18-year-old campers to college planning tools! Provide them with this link on your website or in a newsletter to the National Research Center for College and University Admissions, which will:

  • Allow them to set up their own online college planning profile
  • Provide them with college preparation resources (career information, financial aid info, valued out-of-school time experiences that enhance the application, etc.)
  • Offer direct communication from colleges and universities to encourage students interested in their specific programs
  • Not be shared with commercial solicitations

Help make college an option for the young people in your programs!

Encourage ALL of your campers to build on their valueable learning experiences from your camp with this opportunity to support their college aspirations!

Interested in seeing the profile survey your youth will complete?
Feel free to check out a preview survey so you know the types of information requested of your young people.

Need some wording for your website or newsletter? Feel free to modify the following text - the specific survey link if you need it is: If you think they will complete the profile survey on a mobile devide, they can also use this link:

Think you might want to go to college but not sure how to plan for that as an option? My College Options lets you set up your own online profile that connects you with colleges and universities, scholarship information, and resources to help you get ready for college! Complete these questions to start you on your way toward college as an option for you! 

Learn more about ACA's partnership with NRCCUA (a nonprofit educational research organization linking students with colleges and universities for over 40 years).