Online Course and Recorded Webinar Catalog

Our online courses and webinars are ideal for program providers working in camps, after-school programs, parks and recreation programs, and other summer learning and out-of-school time settings.

CECs Type
A Counselor's Role in Healthcare
Linda Erceg
0.75 Course
ACA Coffee Break Webinars - Fall Series 2015! Focus: Evaluation Issues
Karla Henderson, Laurie Browne, Bob Barcelona
1.0 Webinar
ACA Coffee Break Webinars - Spring Series 2015! Focus: Summer Programming
Ariella Rogge, Nezette Rydell, and Kat Shreve
1.0 Webinar
ACA Coffee Break Webinars - Winter Series 2015! Focus: Standards
Members of the National Standards Commission, Ian Garner, Tracey Gaslin
1.00 Webinar
ACA Webinar - The Ultimate Marketing Plan
Peter Ross
1 Webinar
An Ounce of Prevention: Collecting & Using Camp Injury-Illness Data for Program Improvement
Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN
1.0 Course
Assuming Your Fish Can Swim
Diane Tyrell, CCD
1.5 Webinar 3.0
Audition Versus Interview: Casting the Role of Camp Counselor
Jordan Richmond
1.5 Webinar
Awesome Apps and Cool Tools Every Camp Needs To Know
Jodi Rudick, MAS
1.5 Webinar
Awkward Conversations: What to do with Interfering (Intervening) Parents
Michael Thompson
1.5 Webinar
Bag of Tricks: Tools and Resources for Helping All Kids Succeed at Camp
Kathryn King, MSRA
1.5 Webinar
Balancing Work and Life: Raising Your Kids While Working at Camp
Kim Betts
1.5 Webinar
Behavior Management That Works! Effective Strategies for Campers with Special Needs
Kurt Podeszwa
1.0 Webinar
Being an Effective Nature Counselor: Activities to Engage Youth in the Outdoors
Ariella Randle Rogge
1.0 Course
Beyond Pink and Blue: Strategies for Addressing Gender Stereotypes in Youth Programs
Ann Gillard
1.5 Webinar
Beyond the Survey: Creative Approaches to Assessing Camper Outcomes
Laurie Browne, Ph.D.
1.5 Webinar
Fresh Air Educators, INC.
Break the Rules...Fill the Bunks! Innovative and Practical Tips for 2013
Nancy Shenker
1.5 Webinar
Bring Social Interactive Reading to Your Camp Curriculum with Reader's Theater!
Dianna Cleveland with guest Lance Ozier
1 Course
Building a Better Lifeguard
Diane Tyrrell
1.5 Webinar
Building Character at Camp
Bob Ditter
1.5 Webinar
Building Community Partnerships – Holding Hands Feels Good
Jamie Sabbach
1.5 Webinar
Camp Is for the Camper
American Camp Association and Paul Schlag
2.0 Course
Camper Sexuality and Its Implications for Camp Professionals
Bob Ditter
1.5 Webinar