ACA Field Office/Affiliate Request to Align with Educational Endorsement Form

BACKGROUND: ACA launched the Educational Endorsement Program (EEP) in 2011 as a component of the Professional Development Center. EEP is a platform for learners to access quality educational programs from a variety of organizations, associations, and businesses that have been vetted to meet ACA’s EEP requirements. All ACA field offices and affiliates are now required to meet the criteria for educational endorsement all formal educational opportunities including: face-to-face conferences/events, webinars, and online courses. The following programs are not appropriate for endorsement/alignment:
  • Informal networking events,
  • programs that promote specific individuals or products,
  • written curriculum or books,
  • CD/DVDs,
  • camp-level courses/trainings, and
  • courses related to: first aid (Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness First Aid, Basic First Aid, CPR, etc.), aquatics (including watercraft courses), shooting sports (archery, riflery), and challenge courses.

 (For complete details about the EEP program, visit Educational Endorsement Program guidelines.

INSTRUCTIONS: Although external organizations have to APPLY for educational endorsement, ACA field offices and affiliates only have to ALIGN with educational endorsement. Alignment is a simpler, stream-lined process. “Alignment” means that you are responsible for collecting the necessary information required for endorsement (a printable Checklist for Alignment is available) and verifying that all information is available in case an EEP spot-check is conducted. These spot-checks, designed to ensure consistency across ACA’s educational opportunities, will educate field offices/affiliates about the EEP program and support the opportunities we are providing as a whole. Complete the Request to Align Web Form (below) to let the  Educational Endorsement Team know about your educational programs and allows you to access the EEP Seal from this webpage.

Please complete the following step-by-step process for any eligible program that your field office/affiliate plans to offer.  The Checklist for Alignment provides you with the specific criteria needed for each educational program. If you have questions, contact Andrea Stearley at

Steps to Align your Educational Programs

  1. Step 1:  Read the Educational Endorsement Program Guidelines. Although a three (3) month lead time is suggested, each office can determine the “right” time to submit for alignment based on the information collected for that program (you’ve identified the sessions, number of educational contact hours, etc.).
  2. Step 2: “Hold the Date” on the ACA Events Calendar and indicate endorsement is “Pending.” Field office staff should enter the basic information (date, time, description) by creating an Event on the Web site. Affiliates will need to complete the Request to Align Web Form (Step 4) so administrative office staff can add your events to the ACA Event Calendar. (Field offices should complete the first half of the form below).
  3. Step 3:  Review the Checklist for Alignment and confirm that your event meets all criteria. You do not need to turn in this form, but you do need to confirm that you have collected the necessary information– the EEP team will do spot checks of aligned programs each year. You may choose to use the EEP Alignment Worksheet as a tool to document how your program meets the educational endorsement criteria.  If you do, then don’t forget that it is not necessary to submit this form to the ACA administrative office.
  4. Step 4:  Complete the Request to Align Web Form (below) notifying the EEP team of your aligned event.  Be sure to accurately identify the number of continuing education credits (CECs) for the aligned program.  (Remember that 1 contact hour of education = 1 CEC.  More information about calculating CECs.) 
  5. Step 5: Your request for alignment will be automatically sent to Andrea Stearley who will process your request usually within 48 hours.
  6. Step 6:  Use the EEP Compliant Call for Proposals and the EEP Evaluation Example as resources to help you with EEP Alignment.  By starting with these resources when planning for your event, you’ll be sure that you’ve got the necessary information needed for EEP Alignment.
  7. Step 7:  Get the EEP Seal and display prominently!  You do not need to wait for recognition of your alignment from the EEP team – once the alignment form has been completed, you can download the seal from this page. Display the EEP Seal on your website and in print and electronic communications. Consider posting on your Facebook page and via Twitter. Refer to the Tips for Promoting ACA Educational Endorsement for additional information.   
  8. Step 8:  Set-up the CECs for your event in the CRM before opening registration so that awarding CECs is simple. (Contact Kim Brosnan,, about this step if you have questions.) 
  9. Step 9:  Once your program is ready and most speakers are confirmed, change the EEP status from “pending” to “endorsed.”

Field Offices and Affiliates Fill Out

(CEC = continuing education credits)

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