Camps Outside the U.S.... ACA Is for You!

6 Reasons to Join ACA

Connect with the best camp resources. With today's technology, you can access ACA resources from your home country.

Download and print the application.

Why Join the American Camp Assoociation?

  1. Promote Your Camp A listing for your camp on ACA’s Find a Camp database. Parents who are searching for a camp will be able to find your camp in many ways.
    • Your camp will appear when a parent selects criteria that matches your camp’s program.
    • Your camp will also appear on a separate list of international camps.
  2. Easy Access Access almost everything from your own office:  online courses, downloadable e-books, unlimited streaming videos for training and education.
  3. A Connection Access to the Camp Gives Kids a World of Good logo
  4. Discounts On educational events in the U.S. and on books, DVDs, and e-books from the bookstore.
  5. More Discounts On books, DVDs, and e-books from the ACA Bookstore.
  6. Community Each year, individuals come from around the world to the ACA National Conference from places like Australia, Canada, China, Ireland, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Venezuala, and more..

Membership for Individuals — One Year Free for You and Your Staff

Use this code for a one-year free membership: ICF-FREE.

Membership for Camps — Yes, Your Camp Can Be a Member of ACA!

ACA does not accredit camps outside the USA, but your camp can be a member of the American Camp Association. Fees start at US$350. Here's what to do:

  1. Download and print the application. Choose Application for Membership.
  2. Fill out the application (fees are on the application).
  3. Send it back to us (mail, e-mail, or fax).
  4. We will send you a packet of information.

More Information

Want to have a conversation about ACA resources? We're happy to talk.

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International Community

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