ACA Registry of Camp Mentors

Professional Development Center
ACA’s registry of camp mentors is a community of dedicated, experienced professionals interested in raising the profile of the camp professional by developing promising practices, guiding others in their journeys, and serving as mentors. ACA camp mentors may serve in a variety of functions such as trainers, authors, course developers, committee members, program chairs, and task force leaders. In addition, camp mentor members may assist with updating the ACA knowledge center, core competencies, skills and abilities frameworks, and developing certificates of added qualifications.
While aspects of the mentoring program are still "under construction" during 2012, we wanted to share as much of the information as possible. Please check back as updates will be added when available!

Goals for ACA Mentoring Opportunities

Through the ACA Mentoring opportunities, we hope to:

  • Provide opportunities for networking and building relationships,
  • Enhance and support motivation that increases confidence in job performance and related responsibilities,
  • Encourage creativity and exploration of options in solutions to challenges encountered in job performance,
  • Provide assistance with the development of particular job skills and linking to appropriate resources
  • Provide opportunities to link "expert" ACA members to other members who could benefit from their experienced viewpoint in a variety of structured ACA professional development opportunities as well as the more specific needs of individuals,
  • Maximize the wealth of information, experiences, knowledge, and skills held by individual ACA members
  • Develop a "community of mentors" that provide a continuing sensitivity to social, economic, and political changes and who offer practical competencies to deal with these evolving situations,
  • Develop potential for professional growth and development,


General Information About the ACA Mentoring Opportunities

  • Specific ACA Mentoring Programs
    • ACA Camp Accreditation Mentoring Program
      The ACA Standards program is a vital contact point for many ACA members and organizations. For programs interested in the accreditation process, ACA has created the Camp Accreditation Mentoring Program where an experienced professional is matched with a local program who has asked for help during the accreditation process. For more information about these local opportunities, contact your Field/Affiliate Office.
    • Associate Visitor Mentoring Program
      Training ACA Standards Visitors to carry out the visit process for accreditation is another important component to the Standards program. Newly trained Associate Visitors may also want a mentor who can help them during their initial training period become effective in meeting the expectations for becoming a Visitor. ACA has created the Associate Vistor Mentoring Program to match Associate Visitors with experienced Visitors who can help guide the learning needed to become adept at conducting ACA Accreditation visits. For more information about these local opportunities, contact your Field/Affiliate Office.

Supportive Resources for Mentors/Mentees (in development- available Fall 2012)

  • General Mentor Application
  • General Mentee Application
  • Do's and Don'ts for Mentors & Mentees
  • Mentor Checklist
  • Mentee Checklist
  • The Role of the Mentor