Summer Camps - Cross Cultural Skills and Employer Recognition

A Testimonial by Alexandra

I have 5 years work experience within the cultural exchange area, and 6.5 year’s experience within business resourcing / recruitment - all of which stemmed from my first experiences with Camp America in 2 US camps in the new England area.

Throughout my career I can not only acredit my own sucess down to my early years of experiencing differing cultures and roles, but still continue to see this reflected in those coming though as graduate candidates to this day.

The skills and experience gained at such a stage in someone’s career can gives them the confidence, problem solving abilities, itegrity and compassion needed to show potential as future leaders. Well-structured programmes such as this allow young people to take the first step to both understanding themselves and others around them, and allow them to realise their potential and motivations for their future career choices.

I sincerely hope that these cultural exchange programmes continue for the future, and that the ligitimate organisations in this sector are allowed to continue what they do best - Bringing people together and providing the building blocks for our future generations