Cultural Exchange

A Testimonial by Andrew

I tell our camp staff from other countries the same thing every year: "Remember, you may be the first person from your country that a child has ever met. What do you want them to know about you and your culture?" It is a very powerful message and leads us beyond stereotypes to true understanding. Camp is the perfect place for a child to expand their world view. A camper can see flags from around the world in our lodge and know that people from all of those countries have stood where he or she is standing. This year we'll add the flag of the tiny country of Andorra to that impressive display. I vividly remember removing and replacing flags of Eastern European countries in the early 90's as cultural exchange participants wept over the changes happening in their homeland. I firmly believe that the campers and staff that shared those moments had a much better understanding of the personal impact of those amazing changes. Camp makes kids think and explore. Cultural exchange makes camp better.