Being Here Gives Me Opportunity for Personal Growth

A Testimonial by Anna

Read her testimonial in her native Polish.

I have been at Camp Mataponi for almost a month now and I found it to be an amazing experience. I am a dance and zumba instructor here at camp. I run activities for girls of different ages and different skill level. This job helps me a lot with my English language skills.

Camp Mataponi is a wonderful place surrounded by  a gorgeous clean lake on one side and a beautiful forrest on the other. After work I have been taking advantage of the great facilities we have here, I can practice sports, swim, in the evenings I can spend quality time with my new friends here. camp Mataponi hires well qualified staff who are very devoted and passionate about their job.

Being here gives me opportunity for personal growth, learning about the American culture and make life long friends.
It is thanks to Camp Leaders, Cultural Homestay International, my camp Director that I will go back home will get home with memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


Translated from her native Polish by Lonnie and Jeff Lorenz