Mike Was the First Australian I Ever Met

A Testimonial by Bryan

Mike was the first Australian that I ever met. He was so different than me, or so I thought when camp started. At the International Sports Training Camp in Stroudsburg PA., I also met Cooper from England, Peter from Canada, Joao from Brazil and so on, and so on.

I am from the Midwest. and I had never been around so many different cultures. By the end of the week, I learned a lot more than sports training. I learned that I am really not different than a trainer from Australia, or England, or even Pakistan. That they are more like me that not like me.

If these talented camp trainers were not given a visa to come here in the USA, all I would have learned was to be a better athlete. Instead I learned to be a better young man.

International camp instructors are like being an exchange student without leaving our country. Please grant these international camp instructors a visa to attend our USA camps!