Best Summer Ever!

A Testimonial by Liz

In the summer of 2006 I had an amazing adventure in a camp in the Pocono's PA. It wasn't the first time away from the UK, but my first time in America.

The camp was just how I had imagined it, there were staff from all over the world and cultures that I have never dealt with before. During the orientation we bonded over the job we were about to do and were all excited the months we had ahead of us. I met so many new friends that I am still in touch with 7 years on, I even met new fellow camp friends in reunions over the years. These are people I would never of had chance to meet if it wasn't for the camp experience.

Meeting all the different children was fantastic listening to their home lives and seeing them have such fun was the best experience of all. They had such freedom to be themselves and learn new skills that they may not get the chance to in everyday life. Some of them live in big cities so all the fresh air and swimming is a vast change.

I learnt a lot about myself and others on this life changing experience I went on to work in summer camps in the UK and had the drive and determination that camp helped me find to finish my training in Chiropractic. I still love working with children to help them achieve their true health and potential and children can teach you so much.

I hope that other people from all over the world can follow in my Camp footsteps and experience everything that I did and more! It would be a massive shame to deprive the children of America from learning from different cultures and perspectives from around the World.