The Best 7 Summers of My Life, A Part of Me

A Testimonial by Louise

Summer camp, fresh air, activities, cultural differences, education, life experience... you cant put a price on these things, an experience away from home, gaining independence and making friends for life. As a counsellor it prepares you for life away from home comforts, you learn how to be tolerant, patient, understanding, fun and how to make a difference.

In todays digital world we forget how important being outside in the fresh air is, we forget how we can have fun with just a our voices and a few pots of pain, we forget how to enjoy each others company without the aid of technology. Summer camps reunite us with our inner child and allow us to explore the world of adventure.

Coming from overseas to work at Camp Tioga for 7 summers allowed me to gain rich cultural experience which I will have for life, I was able to grow in an environment which accepted you completely for who you were, no questions, no judgements, just allowing you to learn from others and from children how you can make a difference in peoples lives.

I would not be the person I am today if it had not been for me summers in America. I would not have the friends I now have for life and I would not have enriched my life with such wonderful days in the sun, rain and storms being free as only a summer camp can allow you to be,

Summer camps are unique and so important to the independence of the children of america, they are introduced to people from overseas and learn about there culture and lands, they grow up with better understanding of the world and how it works.
I hope the amazing tradition can continue and one day I could send my children to camp.