It Will Change Your Life!

A Testimonial by Michelle

In 2005 I took up an opportunity to work at a summer sports camp in the Pocono Mountains. It was a life-changing decision that I will never regret. It was such an amazing experience and I had the pleasure to work with a wide range of people from different backgrounds and cultures. We learned so much about each other and where we came from, real relationships formed. And the bonds forged with these incredible people will last a lifetime. None more so than my husband, who I met during my second summer working at the camp.

He grew up in England and decided to take advantage of a program through CCUSA. Now almost 7 years later we live very happily together in England. Our time together at camp is unforgettable and we reminisce often.

There is so much value in these programs, not just personally or culturally, but also educationally. The skills learned here really can change and enrich so many lives. I would not have changed my experience for anything, and it saddens me to think opportunities like these could be taken away from young people around the world.