Camp America

A Testimonial by Patricia

I have worked a t 2 summer camps and am now an interviewer for Camp America and get the opportunity to meet young people ready to get the experience of a lifetime.

Summer camp was the best thing that ever happened to me. I had an amazing time. I learned new skills and improved my confidence as well as making lifetime friends. after camp I got the opportunity to travel around America with my new found camp friends and I am now back home in Ireland and this summer I am going to put some of my skills in to practice and start developing my own camp with help from the people that I met in America.

This opportunity would not be possible without the chance to go to America and learn from the best. I think summer camp is a very valuable cultural exchange and helps both the international counsellors, as well as the American counsellors and the children. The children learn new things and meet people from other cultures and realise that there is more to the world than just where they live and learn new languages and cultures and see where in the world the counsellors come from.

this is an opportunity not to be missed and impacts on so many lives not just the international counsellors and people at camp but when these counsellors go home they bring new skills and are able to pass these on in their own country.