Being Given the Opportunity ...

A Testimonial by Richie

Being given the opportunity to travel to the United States and work in a Summer Camp was a truly unique experience. And for that I will always be thankful that I had the chance to partake in that. It would also be a shame and a mistake to put an end to that experience for International Staff.

I attended the International Sports Training Camp in the summers of 2004 and 2009. The reason why there was a gap of 4 years between visits is because i made the decision to begin and complete an Education Degree (PE). The majority of the reason why i decided on this career path is largely due to the high level of staff training that i received as part of the camp orientation program and also the development of personal attributes and improved self-confidence i gained along the way. The camp orientation program ran over 7 days and was presented by our camp directors and senior staff (many of them international staff). Through this program we were trained and educated in problem solving, communication skills and many other important aspects of camp life. Again, this kind of training is not readily presented in many other forms of employment and as such i feel that i have already got an advantage in life that others may not have the chance to experience.

Summer Camps have provided so many domestic and international staff with unique life experiences, resources, education and professional relationships that is impossible to replicate. I have many friends that have met their life partners while working at Summer Camps and have moved permanently to the United States. Many friends have become permanent staff members at these camps and are responsible every year for training the new staff that arrive at camp.

Everyone should have the opportunity to work in a summer camp for their own personal experience.  I believe that it would be a mistake to restrict international staff from working in the United States.