How Your Camp Can Support Military Kids

Even if your camp is not an official site of Operation Purple® , there are many other ways your camp can support military kids and families!

  1. Host a military kid session. At Operation Purple Camps, military kids participate in camp with other military kids. This idea can be modified at any camp by providing a military kids session or simply housing a smaller group of military kids together as cabin mates.
  2. Orchestrate a military kid’s week or special military kid friendly event. Many Operation Purple camp locations support their local military community year round by bringing camp to military-concentrated communities or supporting events put on for military youth. Try connecting with a guard or reserve unit to see how you can help them create an event or activity that gives military families a chance to connect with each other and learn more about your camp.
  3. Incorporate a military kid scholarship in to your annual fund raising campaign. Like most families, military families are budget conscious right now. Adding a military kid scholarship to your annual fundraising efforts not only opens the doors to families that can’t financially provide their kids with a camp experience, but also provides your camp with new donor opportunities.
  4. Connect. Contact information for many on-installation military support services are public knowledge. Get connected with local military families where they are, by knowing the resources that are available to them.
  5. Don’t forget military families in outreach campaigns. No matter where your camp is, you have military families in your community. The military community is great at passing resources by word-of-mouth. Use this to your advantage and become an involved and trusted military community resource.

Operation Purple’s® specially designed programs serve military families in three different phases of military life – deployment, reintegration, and coming together after an injury. For more information about Operation Purple visit