RAC Newsletter Summer 2009

RAC Newsletter - Summer 2009

New Publications!

Activities: Teaching Younger Children
(Ages 6-8) About God’s Creation

Activities: Teaching Older Children (Ages
9-11) About God’s Creation

Author: Nancy Ferguson

Publisher: Healthy Learning/ACA Bookstore,

Cost: $9.95

Perhaps your most talented
staff can lead a spontaneous nature activity,
complete with scripture reference and a
theologically sound, age-appropriate closing
prayer. No matter how gifted or how thoroughly
trained, most counselors still wish they
had a handy collection of ready-made activities
to pull out of their pocket at a moment’s

Veteran camp leader and educator
Nancy Ferguson has come to the rescue with
this terrific new little set of resources.
These tiny, spiral-bound gems are sized
just right to tuck into a pocket or first
aid kit. Just having them on hand will
calm any camp counselor’s activity

The hikes, games, and crafts included
are not new. Many are tried-and-true camp
favorites. The brilliance of these pocket
guides lies in their sheer usefulness.
Each activity is described clearly and
concisely, includes relevant scripture,
supply list, age-appropriate follow-up
questions, and a prayer suggestion. They
codify the bag-of-tricks that good camp
staff develop over time, making those go-to
nature activities available to even your
newest trainee or last-minute volunteer.
And they bring together classic nature
activities with scriptural support and
prayerful focus.

Day or resident camps,
seasonal staff, or weekly volunteers will
all find classic material presented simply
and completely in these handy resources.
Scripture references are taken from the
Hebrew Bible and Psalms in the NRSV, and
references to God are general enough for
Judeo-Christian users from many denominations
and traditions. Visit the ACA Bookstore
to stock up on these today. At under $10
apiece, you’ll want one for every
counselor. These books won’t languish
on your office shelf. They’ll be
stashed in backpacks and pockets for daily
use, season after season.


Leaders from all religiously-affiliated
camps are invited to join the Camp & Retreat
Leaders E-Network. This e-mail fellowship
opportunity is an excellent resource for
information exchange and mutual support.
Recent postings include information about
H1N1 flu virus at camp, samples of how
one faith-based camp is dealing with economic
hardship, a link to a new blog on Christian
family camping, employment opportunity
listings, and more. Have a question for
your colleagues? E-mail it out to the network,
then collate the responses to share back
with the network. All are enriched in the
sharing of our experiences. Thanks to Kevin
Witt, national staff person for United
Methodist Camp & Retreat Ministries
and longtime supporter of RAC, who administers
the network on behalf of the General Board
of Discipleship.

To join, simply send an
e-mail to kwitt@gbod.org.