RAC Resources

  • This Is Your Brain on Faith at Camp. Rev. Dr. Paul Hill, 2013 RAC Luncheon at ACA National Conference.  Find more of Paul's work online at vibrantfaith.org
  • ACA Bookstore, Faith-Based Resources
  • Purchase Spiritual Well-Being Scale of Youth Outcomes Battery. For more information see Youth Outcomes Battery.
  • Camping Magazine, Camps and Spirituality by Nancy Ferguson
  • Is There Common Ground? Exploring Youth Development Priorities and Staff Competencies Across Religious and Secular Camps
    In the spring of 2007, ACA religiously-affiliated (RA) (n=89) and secular camps (n=214) from across the country participated in a study entitled “Is There Common Ground?” conducted by ACA, the Search Institute, and the National Collaboration for Youth. The ACA focus in the project was to explore the core competencies of staff working in both types of camps as well as their interests in and concerns about working together. The camp sample included a diverse set of camps, representing resident camps (64 percent); day camps (16 percent); and both resident and day camps (19 percent). Christianity was the most common religious affiliation of RA camps. Secular camps tended to be “independent nonprofit camps” (39 percent); “agency camps” (33 percent); or “independent for-profit camps” (22 percent).
  • See the final report of Lilly Endowment's Indiana Camp Ministries Enhancement Program (ICMEP). This four year project with Indiana camps revealed some trends in contemporary church camping that can provide helpful insights for camp leaders.
  • Creating an idyllic world for children’s spiritual formation”, by Karen Marie Yust in the International Journal of Children’s Spirituality, Vol. 11, No. 1, April 2006 – This article uses the findings of the Lilly study, Indiana Camp Ministries Enhancement Program (ICMEP) to make some recommendations for today’s religious camps. There is a fee for purchase of this article.
  • The Center for Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescence is a global initiative to advance the research and practice of this important and understudied domain of human development. Search Institute, with major support from the John Templeton Foundation, is designing the center to become an international hub of theory, research, and practice. www.spiritualdevelopmentcenter.org
  • Strategic Planning as Spiritual Discipline (pdf - 389k)
    Strategic planning is a process which guides a group in thoroughly examining its current and past operation, evaluating its effectiveness in light of its mission, setting significant goals for the future, and developing specific plans to achieve those goals. This booklet is presented in cooperation with Run River Enterprises. For use of this copyright material, please call 315-559-0526, e-mail pam@runriver.net, or write to 1507 Woodmancy Road, Tully, NY 13159.