Camp-related Research Bibliographies and Theses

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

ACA Scholarly Publications Bibliography (written by ACA staff and collaborators - updated March 2014)

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Effect of a Sports Camp Experience on the Multidimensional Self-Concepts of Boys

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High-Level Wellness at Camp

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Impact of the Onset of Puberty on Self Image and Behavior

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Parental feedback in the evaluation of a camp for disadvantages children: The Camp Limberlost project.

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A Residential Camp Experience as an Approach to Adolescent Weight Management

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Promoting Moral Growth in a Summer Sport Camp: The Implementation of Theoretically Grounded Instructional Strategies

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Impacts of Wilderness Camping on Youth's Self-conceptions: An Interactionist Perspective

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Self Actualization and Improvement in Tennis Skills at Summer Camps for Adolescents

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The Effects of Natural Resource Camps on Youths

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A Study of the Influence of a Resident Outdoor Education Experience on Intermediate Level Children's Perceptions of Peers and Perceptions of the Out-of-Doors

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Psychological and Situational Variables in the Summer Camp Setting

Chenery, M.F.  
A Sampler of Qualitative Research in Organized Camping

Chenery, M.F.  
Effects of Summer Camp on Child Development and Contributions of Counselors to Those Effects

Chesner, Stuart Perry.   
Children's Cognitions Pertaining to Developmental Issues and Adjustment at Summer Camp

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A Two-week Resident Camp Offering the Primary Objective of Predetermined Attitude Change for Early Adolescents

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A Comparison of Social, Personal, and Physical Development of Males and Females Exposed to a Day Camp Environment

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Programming and self-concept: How Does What You Do Affect How They Feel About Themselves?

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Proceedings of a Symposium on Year-Round School

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Do Outdoor Education Experiences Contribute to Positive Development in the Affective Domain

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The Effects of Summer Camp Experience on Male Adolescent Diabetics

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Changes in self-concepts and sociometric status of fifth and sixth grade children as a result of two different school curricula

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Enhancing Life Options for Low Income African-American Children

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The Relationship of the Youth Conservation Corps Experience to Selected Dimensions of Adolescents' Self-Concept

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Efficacy of a Summer Day Camp Program Intervention on Social Skills

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The Effect of Summer Band Camp Experience on Selected Aspects of Musical Competency

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The Effects of Camp Experience on Self Esteem

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Psychological Techniques Applied in a Group Situation: An Experiment in Group Work

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Environmental Education at Summer Nature Camp

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Effects of Sports Fitness Camp Experience on Locus of Control Orientation in Children, Ages 6-14

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Leadership, Social Networks and Personal Attributes in School Age Girls

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Individual Differences in Thinking About Self and Peers in Preadolescence

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The Contribution of Family and Peer Relationships to the Development of Social Competence in Adolescence

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Self Esteem of Young Children in a Camp Situation

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An Experimental Study of Conformity Behavior as a Small Group Phenomenon

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An Experimental Study of the Effects of Competition on the Self-Concept

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An Evaluation of Mississippi State University's Summer Scholar Program

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Spirituality in Organized Camping

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The Effects of Integrated Summer Day Camp Programs on Children Without Disabilities

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Relations Between Friendship, Group Acceptance, and Evaluations of Summer Camp

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Predictors of Peer Relationships and Adaption to Summer Camp

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The Effects of an Outdoor Adventure Camp Experience on Self-Concept

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The Effects of a Self-Management Asthma Education Program and a Physical Activity Asthma Program on the Self-Concept Level of 8-12 year old Children with Asthma

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A Report of an Oregon School Camp with Program Emphasis Upon Outdoor Science Experiences

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A Summer Day Camp to Develop Cultural Esteem in Youth and Staff

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Effects of a Summer Camp Program on Self-Concept of Mentally Retarded Young Adults

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Behavior Change in Children at a Therapeutic Summer Camp as a Function of Feedback Plus Individual and Group Contingencies

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Summer camp treatment program for autistic children

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An Analysis of the Influence of Summer Camp Experiences in Developing or Changing Certain Behavior Patterns of Secondary School Pupils

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Gender, Adult Structuring of Activities and Social Behavior in Middle Childhood

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Girls, Families and Communities Grow Through Girl Scouting

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The Impact of Short-Term Adventure Camp on Self-Concept and Anxiety in Japanese Early Adolescents

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Personality Factors and Their Relationship to Adjustment in a Camping Situation.

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Interrelationships Among Decentering and Behavioral Ratings in a Therapeutic Camp Setting

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Self Perception Changes Among Sports Camp Participants

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Effects of School Camping on Selected Aspects of Pupil Behavior - - An Experimental Study

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The Effects of An Organized Camping Experience on Self-concept Change in Relation to Three Variables: Age, Sex, and Observable Behavior Change.

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Personality Enhancement and the Summer Camp Experience

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An Examination of the Effects of Participation in an Adventure Camp Program on the Self-concept of Adolescents with Behavioral Problems

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Shema: Listening to Jewish Youth

Lutkemeier, D.M.  
Self Concept Change Among Adolescents with Myelomeningocele in Response to a Summer Camp Experience

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A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Group Camping Experiences on Change of Self-concept for Campers with Professional and Non-professional leaders

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What Does Camp Do For Kids?: A Meta-Analysis of the Organized Camping Experience on the Self Constructs of Youth

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Camping and its Relationship to Other Social Institutions in the Future

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A Comparative Study of Children in a Summer Day Camp for Sensory Motor Development

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The Effect of a Specialized Summer Camp on the Self-concept of Children Living with a Chronic Illness

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Encouraging the Dancing Eyes of Children

Myers, Carol Smith.  
The Influence of the Tent Counselor on the Creativity of Children in a Residential Camp

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The Association Between Leadership Components of the Resident Camp Experience and Camper Development in Self-Concept, Interpersonal Affect, and Environmental Attitude

Nielson, B.  
An Attempt to Make a Difference: Overlooked Disadvantaged Gifted Appalachian Children

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Camp Lotsafun: A Pre and Post Evaluation of Mentally Handicapped Citizens as a Function of an Enriched Summer Camp Experience

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Social Skills Intervention in a Residential Summer Camp Setting for Children with Learning Disabilities

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Forming, Losing, Renewing, and Replacing Friendships: Applying Temporal Parameters to the Assessment of   Children's Friendship Experience

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An Examination of Severely Retarded Children's Behavior at Two Different Residential Settings.

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The Relationship of Psychological Type to the Sociometric Choices of Junior High Students Involved in a Leadership Camp

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A Comprehensive Cognitively and Affectively Enriched Summer Day Camp for Inner-City Children

Presbyterian Panel.  
Christian Education and Nurture: The August 1992 Presbyterian Panel

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Does Camping Really Lead to Changes in Self-Esteem?

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Carryover Effects of a Summer Therapeutic Daycamp Program on Children's Classroom Behavior: A One-year Follow-up

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The Influence of a Special Camp Program for Obese Boys on Weight Loss, Self Concept and Body Image

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Tikvah: A Special Program of Integrated Summer Camping and its Effects Upon Emotionally Disturbed Adolescents and Their Normal Peers

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Benefits of Residential and Nonresidential Youth Summer Camps

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A Comparison of Self Esteem, Anxiety and Use of Health Services in Two Social Environments

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Changes in Self-Esteem and Anxiety in Competitive and Noncompetitive Camps

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Impact of the Verna Summer Camp on the State-Trait Anxiety, Asthma Knowledge and Self Concept in a Group of Puerto Rican Asthmatic Children

Senior, B.E. 
A Sociometric Study of Children of Different Socioeconomic Levels in an Interracial, Interreligious Camp

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Adjustment of Educable Mentally Retarded Children in Integrated and Segregated Residential Summer Camp Settings and Attitudes of Normal Children and Camp Staff Members Toward Educable Mentally Retarded Children

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The Educational Effectiveness of the Traveling School Camp

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An Investigation into the Relationship Between Role Taking and Aggression in Elementary School Age Children

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A Comprehensive Evaluation of a Therapeutic Camping Intervention For Emotionally Disturbed Boys

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A Summer Day Camp Approach to Adolescent Weight Loss

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The Effects of Physical Skills and Academic Self Concepts on General Self Concept and Academic Achievement in a Summer Camp Environment

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The Use of the Residential Summer Camp for Promoting Responsible Environmental Behavior Through Environmental Education.

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Impact of a Preschool Residential Camp Program on School Readiness Skills

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Effects of an Outdoor Educational Experience on Children's Locus of Control and Performance on Physical Tasks

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Counterattack on Juvenile Delinquency: A Configurational Approach

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Carryover effects of a summer therapeutic daycamp program on children's classroom behavior: A one-year follow-up

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Self Concepts and Activity Preference of Participants of Seven Organized Summer Outdoor Residential Camps

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Camper Attitude Assessment: An Evaluation of Outdoor Ministries

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The Opinions of Parents Regarding the Change in Attitudes, Concepts, and Personal Adjustment of Their Sons  Through Personal Counseling at Summer Camps

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A Comparison of Behavioral Consistency of Anti-Social and Pro-Social Children in Different Contexts

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The Effects of High Adventure Activities on Adolescent Self-concept

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Two Preventively Oriented Summer Day-camp Programs: Effects on children and high school counselors

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The Efficacy of Physical Activity Programs for Overweight Pre-adults at Specialized Camps

Zorumski, C.H.  
The Effects of Self-care Training on the Self-concept, Self-care, and Metabolic Control of Diabetic Children