Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Effect of a Sports Camp Experience on the Multidimensional Self-Concepts of Boys
Anshel, M. H., Muller, D. & Owens, V.L.
Perceptual Motor Skills, 63 (1968) 363-366

Determine if different aspects of self-concept are independent or if situations with specific criteria that enhance one aspect of self-concept positively affect other dimensions of self-image.

6-week, day, sports camp. Fifteen boys ages 6-9.

Pre-,  Post- test.  Student's Self-assessment Inventory (1984). Counselors trained on positive feedback, avoidance of camper comparison regarding skills, teaching sports, non-competitiveness (no winners or losers), and development of group cohesion and friendships. 


  • Sports ability, self-knowledge and sports ability self-esteem were the only means in which significant differences were found.
  • Concluded the factors that affect positive outcomes for enhancing self-concept are specific to the area of focus.