Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Parental feedback in the evaluation of a camp for disadvantages children: The Camp Limberlost project
Belknap, L., Rickards, W., Belknap, P.
Paper presented at the American Camping Association National Convention (San Diego, CA February 27-March 3, 1984).

Examine camper changes resulting from the camp experience, solicit feedback from parents, identify areas for camp improvement, determine the effectiveness of various methods of data collection.

Data collected from parents of 155 over a two-year period. Camp Affiliation: Camp Limberlost, a residential camp for disadvantaged children sponsored by the Bloomington Kiwanis and managed by Illinois State University.

Instruments: Audio and video tapes of camper interactions, daily camper reports, camper activity preference surveys, and parent follow-up surveys, and interviews conducted 6 weeks after camp.

Method: Post card surveys sent home to parents 6 months after the 1982 camp season and one month after the 1983 camp season.


  • Camper reports and activity preference surveys failed to suggest any concrete change in camper behavior as a result of the camp experience.
  • Results of post card surveys showed a positive trend in parent response in terms of feelings regarding the camp experience. Parents remarked that children displayed more independence, maturity and initiative.
  • Recommendation: structure surveys to address topics as they are perceived by parents, collect feedback soon after campers' return from camp, and use survey techniques that minimize response tasks for parents.