Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

A Residential Camp Experience as an Approach to Adolescent Weight Management
Brandt, G., Maschoff, T., & Chandler, N.S.
Adolescence, 1980, 17 (60) 807-822

Explore the environment of a residential camp as a beneficial approach to weight loss management for adolescents.

35 male and female subjects, age 13-17 years, attending a one week experimental weight loss camp.

Pre-, Post- test, 6-Month Follow up, Wahler Self-description Inventory, Weight and Height Measurements, Nutrition Knowledge Test, Social History, Attitude Survey, Camper Evaluation Form. 


  • 3.3 pound mean weight loss at 6-month follow up.
  • Increased favorable self-evaluation scores.
  • Decreased unfavorable self-evaluation scores.