Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Effects of Summer Camp on Child Development and Contributions of Counselors to Those Effects
Chenery, M.F. 
Journal of Leisure Research, 13.3 (1981) 195-207

Examine self-concept and behavioral changes that occur in children at camp. Is there a correlation between children's perceptions of their mothers and their counselors? Is there a relationship between children's perceptions of their counselors and the outcomes of the camp experience?

7 ½ week summer camp in Maine. 77 female campers ages 8-12, 13 female counselors

Pre-, post- test, Piers-Harris Children's Self-Concept Scale (SCS), Classroom Behavior Inventory (CBI) modified and renamed Camper Behavior Inventory, Shaefer's Children's Report of Parent Behavior Inventory (CRPBI) , Camper questionnaire


  • Significant positive change in self-concept.
  • No significant positive behavior change.
  • Change in negative behavior is significant. Increase in negative behavior scores.
  • Change in self-concept scores and behavior scores are not significantly correlated.
  • Significant correlation between camper's perceptions of mothers and counselors. Similar perceptions.
  • Camper's perceptions of counselors as accepting are positively correlated to change in self concept and positive behavior.
  • Perceptions of counselors as accepting and controlling positively correlated to change in self-concept scores and positive behavior scores for younger subjects, change only significant for self-concept scores in older subjects.