Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Proceedings of a Symposium on Year-Round School.
Cox, James C. -Editor
Symposium Proceedings. American Camping Association. 1990.

The purpose of the symposium was:

  1. to explore the developmental needs of youth as addressed by both the camping industry and the public education system;
  2. to present the facts on the year-round school movement and how it is currently being espoused by its proponents;
  3. to discuss the potential impact of the movement on the camping industry; and
  4. to give participants an opportunity to process the information in relation to their own situation as well as provide input to the ACA National Board for the potential development of a position statement on year-round school.

A group of eleven presenters, including severally nationally recognized authorities, were selected from a substantial number of qualified candidates. The presentations included keynote addresses, panel presentations, and small group presentations and discussions.

It is hoped that this document, at least in part, captures the spirit of the symposium and that it provides a framework to enable camp professionals and school personnel to better understand the dynamics of year-round education, year-round schools, camping, and the areas where they are compatible and mutually exclusive.

Presentations included:

  • The Developmental Needs of Young-adolescents Today and Tomorrow, Peter Scales
  • Youth Serving Agencies and Year Round Education, Charles Ballinger
  • Strengths and Opportunities: Informal Education and Youth Development, Patricia Turner-Smith
  • Futuring: How Not to Be a Victim of Change and Find Opportunity in the Future, Kathleen Trotter
  • Year-round School: a Risk to the Complete Child, Rodger Popkin
  • Year-round Schools in Orange County Florida, L. Diane Locker
  • Don't Let School Get in the Way of Education, Charles Ackenbom
  • Camp Is Critical to the Educational Development of Our Children, John Miller