Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

The Relationship of the Youth Conservation Corps Experience to Selected Dimensions of Adolescents' Self-Concept
Dickerson, Laverne Thornton
Dissertation. New York University, Graduate School of Education. 1973

Assessment of a Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) pilot program designed to increase self-dignity, increase self-discipline, and improved relationships with peers and adults. Determine effects on participants self-esteem and development and peer and adult relationships.

1130 adolescents (687 male, 443 female) ages 14-18, varied socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, participating in YCC camps located at 64 sites in 38 states and the District of Columbia. Number of participants in each camp ranged from 8-60.

Pre-, post-tests. Questionnaires and administration instructions were mailed to camp directors prior to the start of camp. The questionnaires included: self-esteem scale, self-development scale, positive self-development self report, negative self-development, social skills - peers, social skills - adults, Participation-Interpersonal Relations Index (PIRI).


  • Overall decrease in subjects perceived adequacy.
  • Overall increase in subjects perceived personal worth and adult and peer related social skills.
  • Subjects demographics (ie. age, gender, income) seem to influence perception at conclusion of program.
  • Camp characteristics (ie. sponsoring agency, length) seem to influence subjects perceptions during the program.