Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Psychological Techniques Applied in a Group Situation: 
An Experiment in Group Work

Dreikurs, S.G.
Individual Psychology Journal of Adlerian Theory, Research and Practice
43.2 (1987) 219-236
(Reprinted from 4 (1944-45) 110-125)

Application of psychological techniques to individual campers for the purpose of stimulating good social development in children with behavioral problems.

20 children ages 6-14, male and female, day camp setting

Individual observations of child's behavior to determine appropriate "treatment" of child at camp. Continuous staff training regarding treatment of child throughout each day of camp.


  • 17 had marked improvement in behavior
  • 18 campers returned the following year with 16 returning campers having no difficulties or behavior problems.