Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Leadership, Social Networks and Personal Attributes in School Age Girls
Edwards, Cynthia Allen
Dissertation. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 1990

"Assess the relationship between leadership, social networks, and personal attributes among naturally occurring and semi-structured groups of school age girls in a summer camp setting"

159 girls, grades 3 - 9, attending a Girl Scout summer camp.

Counselor rating scales, peer nominations, "peer produced sociometric measures."


  • Leaders described by their peers as being friendly, thoughtful and organized.
  • Leaders were scored by their counselors as being more effective than non-leaders, however, no significant differences were found in empathy scores.
  • Subjects centrally located in their peer social network were more frequently nominated by their peers as leaders and rated more highly as leaders by their counselors.
  • Leadership status was shown to have consistency across different social settings.